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Beautiful Music

by Jac Aranda

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Where did it go? I thought I put it right there I'm positive But now it's just air A vanishing trick Secret compartment Got lost in the snow Shivering cold Nothing here grows No, it won't unfold A sorry sad fool All hung up on doubt Unpalatable Chewed up and spat out I am only in torment Because I am not in this moment How can I make it stop? I wrote you a book and took it all back Took a second look and said this is trash A crumpled up ball tossed over your shoulder Like nothing at all It's nothing at all But she said it was perfect And for a moment, I didn't feel worthless I used to hear beautiful music Up from downstairs Effortless movement Now the roosters crow all damn day They start up at night at the polluted light How can I make it stop? How can I make you stay? Unless I drop You just turn away Beautiful music Will come out whenever I let it You can come out Won't you come out? Please come out Whenever you're ready
You have better things to do Than to press continue And I can't make no plans Let's leave it at that I'm here because I neglect my love As I look out at the stars above I can't see the path So I just let it pass You wanna pedal fast Raising your sail to the mast And I've got no chance Yeah, I've got a flat Let's leave it at that Let's leave it at that There, passed out out on the edge Expired tags since FEB couldn't make the trek It's a totaled wreck You saw smoke rise from the hood And got out, as you should Cuz I'm no good And I'll never learn So just let it burn Let's leave it at that
Can you please dumb it down? That's too much thinkin' now There's nothing I've yet found Much more than a merry-go-round I'm losing interest, yeah I'm losing interest, ooh Why can't I shut it off? A shrug into a cough An awkward moment's pause Slow scattered applause You're losing interest, yeah You're losing interest, ooh Can we just get off here? Let go of new frontiers A sec to reassess A chance to catch our breath Cuz nothing ever seems significant Until after the fact Another attempt and if I can't It must just be out of my grasp I keep alternating between a sigh and a gasp Losing interest, yeah Losing interest, ooh This song is so played out It's not what I'm about But it's how it'll end Just some ink that spilled from a pen Losing interest
Secret Love 03:21
I had a secret love That never showed its face I took a picture of Something that's been erased I had to make an escape To where I know it's safe Upon another plane Up through a leap to faith I'm not lying belly-up Tinted windows, empty cup Go ahead, tip me over, it won't make a sound No, it doesn't matter if no one's around I kept my secret love And tucked it into place Became a picture of Something that's been erased I'm not lying, I'll 'fess up: Don't remember all that much I had an idea that I didn't write down It mustn't've mattered, it didn't make a sound That's how I keep mine secret
You could throw it away You should get out of this place Smudge it out Burn it down Make a call to Solid Waste Or just leave it for someone else to take To the curb And forget all about it I see you're giving in You can't give up On the delusions that keep you down Their only promise is to keep you out of touch It won't amount to much And I hope that's not the case If you're up for a debate I'll be gentle and I'm not afraid To speak soft Careful now You're giving in again I give up A pushover with a delicate touch Fly face-first into the mud I can't take that much Cut myself off I've had enough of this seethin' Check my posture and shift my focus to breathing Every season a new reason We belong on the same page But you couldn't even catch my name What I throw down you throw up You should have done it just for yourself But you only worry when it's for someone else You want someone to tell you what to do Something you don't want to And it's your turn to flip the switch and kick it into reverse If you wear it inside out it's like a brand new shirt Each stain a fresh design I ordered some sage to smudge you out A wind to break apart the cloud To lift away the dirt The patterns that revert They're only getting worse I need to lift your curse Begone evil, disperse


one side of a record: A split with myself


released March 7, 2021

featuring Megan Siebe (violin, viola, cello)
mixed by Ben Varian


all rights reserved



Jac Aranda Los Angeles, California

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